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Name Mission
Americanism Committee
Donna Steele (Chair)

Develops projects which promotes greater understanding of American history and values among school children and the general public.

Awards Committee
Mary McMillion  (Chair)
The Awards Committee is responsible for the club's participation in the MFRW awards programs as well as any NFRW programs.
Bylaws Committee
Dee Hodges (Chair)
Club bylaws will be reviewed every 2 years. The committee keeps abreast of changes in state or national bylaws.
Campaign Committee
Laura Rew (Chair)
This committees' goals are to:
1) Elect Republicans at all levels of government.
2) Encourage club members to run for office.
3) Maintain a file listing special talents of club members that are useful to campaigns
4) Work closely with the county central committee to coordinate and not duplicate campaign efforts. and amends club's bylaws to conform when necessary.
Caring for America Committee
Sue Cavanaugh (Chair)

Institutes community service projects for the club.

Caring for America is based on the belief that problems can be solved more effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individuals, rather than through dependency on government programs.

The Sarah's Hope Day Center for Families Experiencing Homelessness in Essex is a Caring for America project of the RWBC. The RWBC has also started a second service project called Support Our Troops and Veterans.

Events & Fundraising Committee
Jennifer Day (Chair)
Fundraising beyond membership dues is essential to keep membership costs low and to finance special projects and campaign activities. Fundraising methods include donor programs, special events (auctions, raffles, etc.) and annual events.
Donna Steele
Keeps archival records of the club's official activities.
Hospitality Committee
Sally Jane Boone (Chair)
Keeps in touch with members by sending cards (illness, birth, death, operation, etc.) and contacts club members when a fellow member needs assistance.
Legislation and Research Committee
Diane Mahoney  (Chair)
Monitors important legislative actions on the local, state and national levels and communicates this information to club members. Recommends and oversees concerted efforts to affect legislation, such as telephone/letter writing campaigns, public rallies, visits to representatives, etc.
Literacy Committee
Sue Cavanaugh (Chair)
Donates new and used books to school and community libraries.
Membership Committee
Sara Tompkins (Chair)
Mary Keane
Marcia Wahoske

Sets goals, develops a plan and sells the club to potential new members, while retaining current members.

Nominating Committee

This committee meets only during club election years.
Three members are selected at the September meeting on election years. This committee is responsible for submitting a slate of at least one candidate for each elected office to be announced at the October meeting. Elections are held at the November meeting. Duties include being familiar with the club bylaws and biographical data of all prospective candidates, and confirming the desire of each potential candidate to run for office.
Sue Cavanaugh (Chair)

Answers questions and resolves procedural disputes during meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order.

Program Committee
Laura Rew (Chair)
Surveys the wishes and preferences of club members. Evaluates past programs and repeats successful events. Balances the club's program between educational and social affairs. Avoids over-exposure of any one subject.
Public Relations Committee
Works to expand the club's influence beyond its own membership. Uses the local media to publicize club activities. Plans news activities around meetings and other official functions. Reports meetings and special projects to the media on a regular basis.
Voter Registration Committee
Norma Secoura
Constantly looks for opportunities to register eligible voters in a variety of settings. Informs new Republicans of party activities in which they may participate.
Website Chair person
Emily Miley (Chair)
Works with webmaster to keep website content current and informative.

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